Urgent paraphrasing help

paraphrasing helpNeed urgent paraphrasing help? A highly experienced professional academic writer who is also a fully qualified English teacher is here to help. I specialise in paraphrasing and understand many people find it extremely difficult. If English is not your first language then it is almost impossible.

You may have little time before your deadline but you are worried about plagiarism and having a high Turnitin percentage – you need someone to reduce your percentage quickly. Relax, this is certainly possible.

Here are the five steps to solving your problem with urgent paraphrasing help
  1. Email me and attach your file – If you have a Writecheck/ Turnitin report already then attach that too.
  2. If you have no report then I will make one for you (small fee applies).
  3. We agree on the target percentage – what you want the matching % to be reduced to.
  4. I confirm the fee and you decide whether to go ahead. The fee is based on how many words there are and how big the reduction needs to be.
  5. On or before the agreed date and time I return your file together with a new report showing the new lower percentage.

Guaranteed result

Fast turnaround possible – urgent jobs no problem

This is a 100% confidential service. No work is ever sent out to a third party – this is strictly one-to-one between you and me.

Want to get started – then contact me today!

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