Paraphrasing is a difficult skill. How do you keep the same meaning as your source without using too many of the same words in the same order? Paraphrasing in a second language can seem almost impossible.

At Paraphrasing Service, we have solved this problem with millions of words for hundreds of clients around the world. Receiving documents that were too similar to the original sources (high plagiarism %) and returning them rewritten and with a lower, agreed %. We also provide a Writecheck/ Turnitin originality report to guarantee the new %.

But vitally, because your work is carried out by a highly skilled and experienced academic writer who has completed hundreds of theses, dissertations and essays, when you get it back you will see that it is written in superb academic English by a native English speaking academic writer.

Of course, we don’t just paraphrase the document, we will edit it and proofread it as well so what you get back from us is a paper ready to hand in and get the results you expect.

  • Skillful academic paraphrasing by qualified English teacher and experienced academic writer
  • Free proofreading
  • Free Turnitin/ Writecheck originality report
  • Direct contact with the person doing your work

Here is an example I prepared using a paragraph from ‘Social Research Methods’ by Alan Bryman.


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