free plagiarism checkFree plagiarism check when you use our paraphrasing service. Writecheck/Turnitin will show your plagiarism percentage and we can reduce it.

Of course, its ideal to have no matching text at all but some times this is just not possible. But if your percentage is over 15% then you really need help to reduce this. Our fast low cost service will rewrite your matching text through skillful paraphrasing without changing the meaning. We will keep a high standard of academic English and also proofread your whole document.* Your free plagiarism check** will show you have we have reduced your percentage to the level you want.

How much does it cost?

The fee depends on high much the percentage plagiarism is to start with and how much you want it reduced by. Of course, it also depends on the number of words in the document. If you already know how much plagiarism there is in your document you can get an exact quote here. If you don’t know then we can prepare a Writecheck/Turnitin report for you. An example: 5000 word document with 35% matching text reduced to 15% = £100 (including free proofreading and plagiarism report).

How does it work?

It’s simple – you send us your work and (if you have one) a Writecheck/ Turnitin report. We confirm the fee. If you don’t have a report but think there is a problem then we will make one for you and then confirm the fee. Once payment is received the work will be carried out and will continue until the agree lower percentage is reached. The file will be sent back by the agreed date along with a new free plagiarism check showing the lower percentage.·

So the next step is to get in contact – you can email us here      

*The free proofreading assumes that the text is in a state to be proofread. If it is very poorly written you will be offered the editing option.

**Free plagiarism check (Writecheck/ Turnitin) is offered on all orders over £100. The cost of the check is deducted from the fee. For smaller orders a fee of £6 is charged per 5,000 words. One check will be made before work begins and another one when the work is finished to show the new lower percentage.

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