slider5Academic editing can ensure that your paper is written the way it should be to meet the criteria of your assignments and examiners. Are your arguments being made clearly? Are you addressing the research questions? Are you using descriptive and critical writing styles at the right times? We can help you with all these things.

Of course editing also includes all the things would expect from proofreading but much more besides. If your paper is too long the editing service will reduce it to the proper length. The service is also an ideal way of dealing with the feedback from your supervisor – just send the comments through and we will do the rest. The same applies to resubmits – just send us the original paper with the markers comments and we will make sure it passes when you resubmit.

  • Applying appropriate academic stlye and diction
  • Improving the flow of sentences and paragraphs
  • Converting descriptive to critical writing
  • Reducing the number of words
  • Full proofreading

When you choose the editing service about twice as much time is spent on your document compared to proofreading and the service is available for all kinds of academic work from undergraduate essays to PhD theses.