Free plagiarism check Writecheck Turnitin: Do you need paraphrasing?

Free plagiarism check when you use our paraphrasing service. Writecheck/Turnitin will show your plagiarism percentage and we can reduce it. Of course, its ideal to have no matching text at all but some times this is just not possible. But if your percentage is over 15% then you really need help to reduce this. Our fast low cost service will rewrite your matching text through skillful paraphrasing without changing the meaning. We will keep a high standar

Urgent paraphrasing help needed: get help now

Urgent paraphrasing help Need urgent paraphrasing help? A highly experienced professional academic writer who is also a fully qualified English teacher is here to help. I specialise in paraphrasing and understand many people find it extremely difficult. If English is not your first language then it is almost impossible. You may have little time before your deadline but you are worried about plagiarism and having a high Turnitin percentage – you need

Paraphrasing help: Quoting, paraphrasing or summarizing?

Paraphrasing help Paraphrasing is when you put the ideas of another author into your own words. To avoid plagiarism when paraphrasing, it is essential that you do not include too many words from the original text. Looking at an individual sentence of someone else’s copy and then changing a couple of words here and there will still leave you with plagiarism problems. The way to do it is to absorb the meaning of an entire paragraph and then write that mea...

Masters Supervision – for when you need extra help

PhD or Masters supervision - Supervisors can be a great assistance when you are doing your Masters or PhD. But sometimes you’ll feel that you need a different style of help, someone you can contact about literally anything to do with your work, someone who can help you by editing and proofreading your work and even someone who can help you plan your next meeting with your university supervisor or help you write that important email. I offer a superv...

Turnitin percentage: How much matching text is too much?

High Turnitin percentage. "How much plagiarism is acceptable?" or "What Turnitin percentage is acceptable?" These are two of the questions I am asked all the time. First of all it should be made clear that no plagiarism is acceptable. So really the question is - When does matching text get seen as plagiarism? When I did my research for this post I was soon struck by two things. First most people agreed that no plagiarism is acceptable as a matter of

What is an acceptable level of plagiarism?

Turnitin compares electronically submitted papers to a database of academic publications and other papers that have been submitted into the system to identify matching text. It is then the responsibility of the academic, the person marking your paper, to use the Originality Report to judge whether plagiarism has occurred. One of the questions we are constantly asked is – “What is an acceptable level of plagiarism?” What they mean is “What is an acceptab...

Can I use Writecheck?

Some of our clients ask us if it is safe to use Turnitin's Writecheck service to check on plagiarism levels before they finally submit their work. We are not connected to Turnitin in any way, just as users like anybody else, but we can say that this tool is designed just for the purpose of checking a document before it is submitted to the Turnitin service, probably by your college or university. Your document will not be added to their database when you us

Avoid Plagiarism Academic Writing

Avoid plagiarism. Completing your coursework assignments is a major challenge if English isn't your first language. You know what you want to say in your own language but how to you put the same point across in English. You have read and understood an important source but how do you paraphrase it properly? If you don’t you could be in trouble for plagiarism. Plagiarism, a word students worry about more than any other. If your supervisor feels the writin